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Teacher Qualification Improvement

Teacher Qualification Improvement (TQI)

Unit Description

This unit is responsible for the coordination of teacher qualifications improvement interventions which will ensure that teachers are suitably qualified to teach within a certain phase, grade or subject. It also offers a range of senior management courses to equip senior managers at school level for the task at hand. TQI coordinates a variety of teacher appreciation and acknowledgement events on an annual basis.

At Teacher Qualification Improvement (TQI) we strive to provide a wide range of programmes that focus on the combination of Management & Leadership, Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) and Teacher Recognition which lead to school improvements and quality management practices. This includes #PowerHour webinars as well as a series of webinars leading to World Teachers’ Day. The two core business areas of TQI are CPTD and Teacher Recognition at provincial and national level.

TASP (Teacher Appreciation and Support Programme)

The TASP apprecites the good work done by committed teachers during often challenging circumstances across the country. World Teachers’ Day and the National Teaching Awards (NTAs) are crucial milestones in the TASP programme as teachers are seen as the heartbeat of the nation.

Professional development programmes include Teacher Appreciation, Bursaries, School Management & Leadership Development as well as CPTD in collaboration with the South African Council of Educators (SACE). The focus is to improve teacher qualification as well as the management and leadership in schools, all linking to professional development.

What we Offer

Unit Function

  • Teacher Apprecitiaon

    Teacher Appreciation focuses on the apprecition of teachers going above and beyond in their duties. One of the most prestigious events is the NTAs. With this, we also celebrate World Teachers’ Day and the Global Teacher Prize – all recognising excellence in education.

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    The WCED has bursaries available to teachers for the academic year to study towards obtaining the following full qualifications:
    • ACT Bursary - Advanced Certificate in Teaching: NQF6; 120 Credits

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    School Management and Leadership Development

    School Management and Leadership Development offers SACE-endorsed teacher development courses, conferences and seminars to principals, deputy principals, departmental heads and teachers, either during school terms or school holidays.

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    Continuing Professional Teacher Development (SACE)

    CPTD MS is a system to help teachers grow professionally. Like all professionals, teachers need to grow their knowledge and skills throughout their careers. Most professional bodies expect their members to engage in professional development activities.

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    Unit Team


    Gavin De Bruyn

    Chief Education Specialist (TQI)
    (021) 900-5053
    [email protected]

    Tamaryn Petersen

    Senior Education Specialist (Seconded)
    (021) 900-5035
    [email protected]

    Brandon Jantjies

    Teacher Development Coordinator
    (021) 900-5029
    [email protected]


    Margo Haupt

    Admin Clerk (TQI)
    (021) 900-5037
    [email protected]

    Cleopatra Pienaar

    Admin Clerk (SMLD)
    (021) 900-5036
    [email protected]