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Continuing Professional Teacher Development (SACE)

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Teacher Qualification Improvement (TQI) Functions

Continuing Professional Teacher Development (SACE)

CPTD MS is a system to help teachers grow professionally. Like all professionals, teachers need to grow their knowledge and skills throughout their careers. Most professional bodies expect their members to engage in professional development activities. The CPTD system will help teachers organise their professional development in order to achieve maximum benefit. The system will be managed by SACE with the support of the education departments.

Why is SACE involved?

SACE is a body established by law to uphold the education profession. SACE registers all professional educators and promotes their professional development. The CPTD system is the way SACE will encourage teachers to develop themselves professionally. The CPTD system was announced in the National Policy Framework for Teacher Education and Development published by the Minister of Education in 2007. Since then SACE and the education departments have been designing and planning the system

We offer the following webinars to assist teachers to achieve their goals of "Enter to serve, continue to learn" successfully.
    • CPTD MS: Professional Development Point Uploading
    • SACE Professional Teaching Standards
    • SACE: The Code of Professional Ethics
    • SACE: Teachers’ Rights, Responsibility, and Safety
    • SACE: Professional Pathway

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