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ICT Integration

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Integration

Unit Description

This unit is tasked with providing ICT integration interventions for teachers, school leaders and curriculum officials. The objective of these courses is to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to integrate technology effectively into teaching and learning practices. Emphasis is always on understanding how to use digital technologies effectively for teaching and learning and not just simply learning how to use a digital tool.

Our interventions consist of training courses, workshops, seminars, webinars and conferences. All our training courses are designed to be interactive and hands-on, even our online courses. Teachers must demonstrate or provide evidence that they have mastered the new skills learnt. This approach makes it easier for teachers to implement new teaching strategies in their classrooms. In our seminars, webinars and conferences we aim to provide teachers with relevant topics so that they can stay abreast of the latest developments in the use of ICT in the education space.

All professional development opportunities presented by the ICT integration unit forms part of a clearly defined developmental pathway. Teachers and officials who enrol for our ICT integration interventions get the opportunity to embark on an ICT integration development pathway by starting with our beginner courses, progress to our intermediate and advanced courses and may end up with a university accredited qualification.

Courses We Offer

Unit Function

  • ICT integration programme coordination

    This unit has programme coordinators who ensure that all interventions (face-to-face or virtual) are effectively delivered. In doing so, they liaise with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that our mandate for teacher professional development is successfully achieved and that all participants have a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

    IT infrastructure support

    Part of the responsibility of the ICT integration unit, is to ensure that the Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute (CTLI) has the latest technology to support the operations of the CTLI. This unit is responsible for procuring and maintaining the CTLI’s ICT infrastructure, providing ICT support to all visitors and other CTLI units.

    General support

    The CTLI made a conscious decision to model the use of technology in all its interventions and in so doing we hope to foster the integration of technology in education. The ICT integration unit provides the necessary support and training to other units to ensure that this is achieved.

Unit Team


Head (ICT Integration)

Christo Davids
(021) 900-5021
[email protected]

ICT Integration Coordinator

Gaironesa Daniels
(021) 900-5016
[email protected]

ICT Integration Coordinator

Marchelle Fester
(021) 900-5017
[email protected]