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Education Library and Information Service (EDULIS)

Unit Description

EDULIS is the Western Cape Education Department’s (WCED) official library and information service. EDULIS offers a free print and electronic library and information service, support for school libraries, guidance in Information Literacy Skills, guidance and support in Library Information Management Systems.

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Unit Function

  • EDULIS has three sub-units that provide the following services to teachers and schools:

    EDULIS library

    EDULIS ensures that WCED educators and officials have access to management, research and curriculum-related resources in order to support relevant and effective teaching and learning. Our state-of-the-art library is located on the Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute (CTLI) premises in Kuils River. The library was upgraded with a computer hub and Wi-Fi. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the library is closed for walk-in clients, but we have an effective book delivery system in place.

    School library support

    It provides a centralised school library support service to WCED schools by providing guidance and advice regarding school library establishment, management and Information Literacy Skills, including mobile library services, in collaboration with the district Library and Information Services (LIS) staff. Our evaluators of curriculum resources identify, source, select, evaluate, review and recommend suitable and relevant library resources for purchase by school libraries in print, audio-visual and e-format.


    SLIMS is the SITA Library Information Management System used at WCED sites including certain WCED and independent schools. It is an internet-based system used to manage school libraries’ stock and other activities. Some schools are also using the system to manage their textbooks. EDULIS provides a SLIMS helpdesk service to all schools and other WCED sites who implemented SLIMS.

    EDULIS provides the following services to the WCED Head Office, district offices and schools:

    • a free print and electronic library and information service;
    • support for school libraries; and
    • guidance in Information Literacy Skills.
Unit Team


Aubrey Africa

(021) 957-9628
[email protected]

Timothy Cloete

School Library Services
(021) 957-9626
[email protected]

Susan Hanekom

Technical and Client Services Coordinator
(021) 957-9637
[email protected]


Lynette Prent

SLIMS Systems Administrator
(021) 957-9624
[email protected]


EDULIS Library General Enquiries
(021) 957-9618
[email protected]