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ONLINE COURSE: Inclusive Education Barriers in Mathematics: Module 1– Number Operations & Relationships

1 - 26 March 2021 (Applications close 15 February 2021)
This course is for:
Mathematics Deputy Principals, Heads of Department, Principals, Teachers
About this Course
Topic: Number Operations & Relationships

Medium of instruction:

The mode of the course is English.

This course is geared toward:

Foundation and Intermediate Phase Mathematics Teachers, Principals, Deputy Principals, Heads of Department & Learners Support Teachers

About this Course:  

This course will be presented in an online format. It is a self-paced module.  There will also be online virtual Google Meet/MS Teams sessions for question and answer time as well as facilitator lead instruction. The module is divided into lessons of approximately 45 minutes each.  There will be some tasks, reflections and readings that you will complete off-line. 

As per all CTLI courses, there will be a short pre and post assessment for you to complete.  This is not to test your knowledge or try to 'catch-you-out’, rather its purpose is to monitor the effectiveness of the presentation of the course material. Your feedback is essential to us in order to ensure your needs are being met.

The topics dealt with in this course are:

  • Mental Math Strategies
  • Calculation Strategies
  • Problem Solving
  • Perceptual & Reasoning Skills required for Fractions


A date will be posted in the Google Classroom Stream with a link to either a Google Meet or MS Teams date for a 'Live Meet and Greet' session.  Here you will meet your trainers and coordinator and a Q&A session will follow.

(The link will be sent to your email address - it is vital that you sign up with a Gmail address or you will be unable to work in the Google Classroom) 

Week 1 - 4: Self-paced lessons in Google Classroom (the invite to join the classroom and the classroom code will be sent to your Gmail address as well as your cell phone)

  • Course work by participants on Google Classroom learning management platform
  • Types of task, either individual task or collaboration task with peers
  • Consultation with the Facilitators about tasks
  • Feedback on tasks will be provided
  • The use of Apps like Padlet, Flipgrid, and Kahoot will be used throughout the course
  • Support material on how to use these Apps is provided in the classroom - it is essential to familiarise yourself with the apps in order to successfully navigate the course

You may register using this link:

The course will be online using Google Classroom and is self-paced.  You have approximately 4 weeks to complete this module, however, each week we will have an online feedback session in which the assignments are discussed.   It is therefore advisable to keep pace with your colleagues in order to participate in these discussion forums. Please ensure all assignments and tasks submitted on the Google Classroom Platform - you will be provided guidance on how to do this.

Our courses are SACE approved and you will earn 20 CPD points if all tasks and tests are completed.

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