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Roles & Responsibilities for Deputy Principals Level 1

4 - 15 May 2020 (Applications close 20 April 2020)
This course is for:
Roles & Responsibilities Deputy Principals
About this Course

The target group for this course is permanently employed Deputy Principals. The course explores the roles and responsibilities of Deputy Principals as managers of the academic curriculum, including leading and managing a whole school portfolio with reference to the nine focus areas. Authentic leadership and related issues such as staff performance management and human resource development, ethical leadership, time management, institutional communication, resources management and legal imperatives are also covered in this course.

Modules covered:

Module 1: Ethical Leadership

Module 2: Legislative imperatives governing the professional world of the Deputy Principal

Module 3: The job description and professional role definition of a Deputy Principal

Module 4: Quality Assurance and Performance Management                    

Module 5: Human Resource Management:  Support and development of staff members  

Module 6: Managing the whole school academic curriculum.

Module 7: Consolidating Week 1 (Practical Reflection)

Module 8: School based data management

Module 9: White Paper 6: The legal imperative for the founding and effecting of appropriate institutional structures and management processes to accommodate inclusive learning within an institutional teaching program      

Module 10: Managing Institutional Teams

Module 11: Managing physical resources    

Module 12: Time Management                    

Module 13: From success to significance    

Crafting a new past   

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