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Roles & Responsibilities for Departmental Heads Level 2

22 - 26 June 2020 (Applications close 08 June 2020)
This course is for:
Roles & Responsibilities Heads of Department
About this Course

The target group for this course is permanently employed Departmental Heads who have already successfully completed the Level 1 course and satisfied all requirements for the completion of the Level 1 course. This is a more advanced course for the middle level school manager, focussing more on professional credibility, instructional leadership, personal and professional attitude, interpersonal skills and instructional coaching.

Course content covered

Module 1: Middle level of school leadership and management

Module 2: Professional credibility

Module 3: Instructional Leadership

Module 4: Personal & professional attitude

Module 5: Interpersonal Skills

Module 6:  Instructional coaching

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Gavin De Bruyn