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ICT Integration: AI in Education - Application Face-to-Face

27 - 28 June 2024
This course is for:
Principal, Acting Principal, Deputy Principal, Acting Deputy Principal, Departmental Head, Acting Departmental Head, Teacher, Novice Teacher
Applicants must teach in:
All Phases
About this Course

AI in Education - Applications
Unleashing Educational Potential with AI Mastery

The purpose of the course is to provide teachers with an intermediate understanding and the relevant skills pertaining to the field of AI in education. This includes knowing and understanding the current environment, technology and terminology, and a focus on prompt engineering and practical application in the classroom. They must be able to use a Gen AI tool at an intermediate level for education. 


By the end of this course, teachers will:

  1. Develop an intermediate understanding of the generative AI environment, including technical terms and contemporary applications relevant to education.

  2. Learn and apply prompt engineering skills to improve AI generated outputs relevant to education.

  3. Gain insight into the range of AI tools available that are relevant to education and various multimedia

  4. Acquire the ability to operate AI tools at an intermediate level, enabling teachers to leverage this technology to create authentic, multimodal educational content

  5. Consider strategies for engaging with ethical considerations inherent in the AI space, allowing teachers to navigate and address ethical issues that may arise in their use of AI technologies within educational settings.


Participants are expected to complete and submit tasks called Module Tasks. All Module tasks must be completed and submitted by the end of course date.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion if all module tasks were submitted

Participants need to receive at least 50% to pass a task



08H00 - 15H00




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