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Applications are no longer being accepted for this course

FET_Developing Mathematical Literacy Teaching Skills in Grade 11_Term 2

4 April 2024 - 2 May 2024
This course is for:
Grade 10 - 12 Principal, Deputy Principal, Departmental Head, Teacher, Novice Teacher
Applicants must teach in:
FET Phase (Grades 10-12)
General Requirements:
This online course requires you to join sessions with a laptop.
About this Course

Course objective

The course will focus on grade 11 content with skills transferable to grade 12 teaching.

The course aims to upskill teachers in:

  • content delivery,
  • teaching strategies,
  • and the development of assessment tasks for Mathematical Literacy.


Online Session 1_4 April    

  • Unpacking Step-wise Electricity and Water Tariffs
  • Problem solving in VAT
  • Understanding UIF and its need
  • Unpacking Exchange rates: Strong and weak currency and buying power of currency

Online Session 2_17 April_Maps and Plans

  • Review of scale and reverse scale calculations
  • Finding Location and describing  routes
  • Maps of less familiar context: Road Maps; Street Maps; More complex layout plans; Strip charts; Residential maps; Route maps

Onine Session 3_2 May_ Data

  • Review of the Data Cycle
  • Classifying and organizing data
  • Summarising More complex Data
  • Representing data – multiple graphs, scatter plots
  • Analysing two sets of data with multiple categories
  • Trends
Applications are no longer being accepted for this course
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Gaironesa Daniels