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ICT Integration: Digital Assessment Tools (Online)

20 - 31 May 2024
This course is for:
Principal, Acting Principal, Deputy Principal, Acting Deputy Principal, Departmental Head, Acting Departmental Head, Teacher, Novice Teacher
Applicants must teach in:
All Phases
About this Course

Course Purpose

A 21st-century classroom equipped with technology provides teachers with multiple opportunities to assess for learning, assess as learning and assessment of learning. This course will deepen your understanding of the role of digital assessment within a 21st-century classroom. This course is aimed with digital skills level.

Course Outcomes

This course will be practical and hands-on and have the following objectives:

  • Consolidating an understanding of different types of assessment i.e formative(informal) and summative(formal)

  • Consolidating an understanding of the advantages of incorporating digital tools in the delivery of all kinds of assessments 

  • Exposing teachers to a variety of digital tools which could be used for summative and formative assessments

  • Allowing teachers to create online assessments using digital tools

  • Providing teachers with an experience of an online learning model which is easy enough for them to replicate

Course Assessment

Participants are expected to complete and submit tasks called Module Tasks. 

All Module challenges must be completed and submitted by end of course date.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion if all module tasks are submitted.

Participants need to achieve at least 50% to pass a module challenge.

Mode of Delivery: Online (Self-paced) 

An inaugural webinar is scheduled for May 20, 2024. Following course application, a meeting invitation will be dispatched.

Course Duration

2 weeks self-paced

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