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Applications are no longer being accepted for this course

2024-Foundation Phase Teacher Well-being: Psychosocial Support

29 February 2024
This course is for:
Grade 1 - 3 Principal, Acting Principal, Deputy Principal, Acting Deputy Principal, Departmental Head, Acting Departmental Head, Teacher
Applicants must teach in:
Foundation Phase (Grades 1-3)
General Requirements:
Teachers must teach in the Foundation
Teacher Well-being
About this Course

As the new year just kicked off, it's time to *Fuel Up for the New school year* and ignite our teaching passion. This is our invitation to embrace the adventure of teaching with dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of our learners. As we prepare for the exciting year ahead, let's remember that our passion for teaching is the fuel that propels us forward, and it's this very passion that lights the way for our learners.

Applications are no longer being accepted for this course
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Magdelena Benn