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Foundation Phase Online Course:Mathematics Essential skills and knowledge to teach capacity

3 - 7 July 2020 (Applications close 19 June 2020)
This course is for:
Grade 1 - 3 Mathematics Deputy Principals, Heads of Department, Principals, Teachers
About this Course

This course will be presented online. 

Duration: 5 hours

Topics to be covered:


  • Units
  • Skills
  • Strategies
  • Concepts
  • Problem solving

The Outline of the Course:

Day 1 & 3: 1h30 minutes Live Presentation on Google Meet

Day 2: 2 hours

  • Course work by participants on Google Classroom learning management platform
  • Types of task, either individual task or collaboration task with peers
  • Consultation with the Facilitator about task
  • Feedback on task

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Magdelena Benn