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Digital Knowledge construction tools for the classroom

19 - 25 October 2020 (Applications close 05 October 2020)
This course is for:
Deputy Principals, Heads of Department, Principals, Teachers
About this Course

Digital Knowledge construction tools allow learners to acquire, construct, and organize information.

This course explores 2 digital knowledge construction tools: one for mind mapping and the other  for infographics

The course consists of 4 modules; each ending with a Module Assessment

Module 1: Constructivism Theory

  •  Basic principles of Constructivism
  •  Role of the teacher
  •  Role of learner
  •  Traditional versus constructivist teaching
  • Tools to construct knowledge in a learner-centered teaching environment: Mind maps and Infographic

Module 2: Concept Mapping

A  concept map is a visual tool that allows learners to organise and represent knowledge about a specific concept; thereby enriching understanding. It can be used as a learning strategy to assist learners to become effective readers and knowledge creators.

This module looks at how learners can create colourful, interesting and interactive concept maps using either Coggle or MindMups

Module 3

Infographics are excellent tools for the classroom as they use imagery to highlight, explain, or enhance text-based information; thus appealing greatly to visual learners. They can easily capture attention, convey information, and encourage data retention by providing information to students in an easily digestible format. Encouraging learners to create their own infographics makes them effective critical thinking tools.

This module looks at how both teachers and learners can use easy digital tools such as Canva or Adobe Spark to create infographics.

Module 4: Course Assessment

Participants will create authentic activities to demonstrate their skills in using digital tools to create infographics and concept maps for the classroom. These activities will be submitted as assessment tasks for this module.

Target Group : Teachers: All phases; any subject

Format: Online, self-paced over a week

ICT Skill level : Intermediate: Participants must be comfortable users of ICT. Not for you if your ICT digital skill levels are low

Course requirements

  1. Access to the Internet is essential either at school or at home
  2. Completion and submission of all tasks

Certificate: WCED Certificate of Completion. 

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