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Senior Phase Creative Arts: Dance, Drama, Music , Visual Art. Course commences 18 June. Please see you emails for details.

18 - 21 June 2019 (Applications close 04 June 2019)
This course is for:
Grade 7 - 9 Deputy Principals, Heads of Department, Principals, Teachers
About this Course

Senior Phase Creative Arts: Grades 7-9: Only space left for Music and Dance.  Drama and Visual Arts are fully booked.

The aim of the Senior Phase Creative Arts course is to deepen Creative Arts Grades 7 to 9 teachers' teaching and assessment practices, as well as their understanding and application of skills as described in the CAPS. Teachers will experience and experiment with arts activities that will lay a strong foundation for them to teach the subject with confidence and satisfaction.


The practical activities will focus on the exploration of the Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art. 


Participants will be exposed to creative and innovative ideas to plan, teach and assess the topics for the art forms, as prescribed in the CAPS for Senior Phase Creative Arts.

Classroom management and the appropriate methodology for Creative Arts classes will be highlighted.  The course will capacitate teachers to teach the subject in a manner that enables learners to achieve the required skills and knowledge – while taking place in a safe and supportive classroom environment.


The course will be presented by experts in the fields of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art. These facilitators have made their mark in arts education nationally and internationally.


Please note:

During the four day course, teachers will have the opportunity to attend two courses in the TWO art forms they offer at school, or are interested in attending. 

During session 1 (18, 19 June 2019) teachers will be able to select one art form of their choice and during session 2 (20, 21 June) teachers will be able to select a second art form. 

Also note that two Music courses will be presented: (1) Music for novices (teachers with no prior training in Music) and (2) Music for teachers who possess intermediate or advanced Music knowledge and skills (teachers who have been trained in Music).


Please click on the link:  to  register the one / two art forms of your choice.

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