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How to teach reading for meaning Grades 4-7.

12 - 23 August 2019 (Applications close 29 July 2019)
This course is for:
Languages Deputy Principals, Heads of Department, Principals, Teachers
About this Course

Do you struggle with learners that battle to read with meaning in your class?

Are you constantly looking for additional strategies to improve your learners' reading with comprehension marks?

Does your learners fair poorly in the systemic tests because of a  lack of comprehension skills?


This course is for you!

In this Grade 4-7 How to teach reading for meaning course the following topics / skills will be addressed:

 A. *  What is reading?

      *   The inner workings of reading for meaning.

B. What does research say and how to teach and assess:

*  Metacognition.

*  Prior knowledge.

*  Text features.

*  Making predictions.

*  Asking questions.

*  Making inferences.

* Making connections.

* Visualizing.

C. How does it work? How do we teach and assess:

* Reciprocal teaching.

*  R5's.

*  KWL

*  Anticipation guide.

* Close reading.

D. Comprehension tests: A step by step approach.

E. What does research say and how to teach and assess:

*  Reading to learners.

* Teaching vocabulary.

F. Interdisciplinary reading.

G. Planning for implementation.


Teachers will be taught the theory in bigger groups and practice and application in  smaller, language specific groups.

Language groups: English; Afrikaans and IsiXhosa.

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Natasha Fouche