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Roles and Responsibilities of Departmental Heads Level 1 course Reserved for 100 school project FP Departmental Heads (Group 1) (20 SACE PD Points)

19 February 2018 - 2 March 2018 (Applications close 05 February 2018)
This course is for:
Roles & Responsibilities Heads of Department
About this Course

Please note: This course is reserved for  the 100 school project Foundation Phase Departmental Heads 

The target group for this course is permanently employed HODs and the focus is on the roles and responsibilities of the HOD

as an inspirational leader. The course includes a job description and role-definition, including leading and managing a subject department within the nine focus areas. It also covers planning a multi-level subject programme, internal moderation, quality assurance and performance management within a department. Emphasis is on planning and effecting a teaching and learning environment aligned with the current curriculum and appropriate classroom management strategies.

SACE Endorsed Professional Development (PD) points: 20 points.

Modules covered:

  1. Module 1: Ethical Leadership
  2. Module 2: Legislative imperatives governing the professional world of the HOD
  3. Module 3: Know your rights
  4. Module 4: Job description and role definition of the education specialist
  5. Module 5: Leading and managing a subject department with reference to the nine national focus areas
  6. Module 6: Managing the Academic Curriculum
  7. Module 7: Design and planning: quality assurance processes and performance management within a phase/subject department
  8. Module 8: Human Resource Management: Support and development of staff members
  9. Module 9: The Head of Department and Inclusive Teaching and Learning
  10. Module 10: Operational Management and delegation
  11. Module 11: Managing meetings
  12. Module 12: Head of Department: Managing school –based data
  13. Module 13: Authentic Leadership
  14. Module 14: Time Management
  15. Crafting a new past
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