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Intermediate Phase Mathematics (20 SACE PD points)

12 - 23 February 2018 (Applications close 29 January 2018)
This course is for:
Grade 4 - 6 Mathematics Deputy Principals, Heads of Department, Principals, Teachers
About this Course

This course will focus on the teaching and learning of Mathematics to develop the teacher’s critical awareness of how mathematical relationships are used in social, environmental, cultural and economic relations. Teachers' understanding and application of skills and concepts will be enhanced so that they are in a better position to teach the subject more effectively and become confident and competent to teach Mathematics. The course capacitates teachers to facilitate the learning of the subject in a manner that enables learners to achieve content outcomes and skills. It will also develop a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics and encourage the correct use of mathematical language.


During training teachers will engage with the key terminologies and concepts of the 5 content areas. The content areas will be covering the following topics:

Number, Operations and Relationships

Operations with Whole Numbers

Common Fractions

Decimal fractions and Percentages

Number Concept and Mental Mathematics

Proportional reasoning

Patterns, Functions and Algebra

Geometric Patterns

Number Patterns

Mathematical Modelling and problem solving

Shape and Space

Two Dimensional Shapes

Three Dimensional Objects

Geometric Transformations

Representing and describing space

Problem solving and puzzles


Three different ways of measuring

Measuring Mass, Capacity; Length and Temperature

Perimeter, Area and Volume

Measuring Angles                                                           


Data Handling

Sorting and representing data

Critically Analysing Data, Drawing Conclusions and Making Predictions


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Natasha Fouche